What is the User Experience?

As described by Hassenzahl and Tractinsky (2006), the word user experience is entwined with the following: usability, aesthetics and hedonic qualities. A true user experience is positively connected to emotions such as fun, happiness, beauty, pleasure, enjoyment and pride, which emerge as we interact with a product. My aim is to understand and design such wonderful experiences and my method for achieving this is through user experience research.

This is a showcase of my research achievements, take a look and see what I enjoy doing.

Research on parallax scrolling

This research project which was conducted as part of my Master’s thesis focused on the popular website design strategy known as ‘parallax scrolling’. I noticed that parallax scrolling was being widely used in a number of websites and while many designers argued that it increased the overall user experience, there was no empirical evidence to support this belief. I therefore saw this as a prime research opportunity, to conduct research on a design strategy that was current and popular. My goal was simple but important. It was to find out whether parallax scrolling in web design affected the users’ overall website experience and preference.

My Research Impact:

Thesis was uploaded to Purdue e-Pubs on September 2013

Total downloads since: 511+  Download Here

Article published on Fast Company- View Here 

Journal Article: In progress

Thesis Research

Team project on Personas Creation

This was done as part of a team project where we were asked to analyze interview data and create a number of personas for an online identity management hub, based on the analysis of the interview transcripts This outlines the process of creating a persona from the interview data.


Highschool Website Wireframe

This is a part of a Balsamiq wireframe mockup of a high school website that I am working on as part of a personal project this semester.The goal is to build the website using a user centered design approach, while working remotely. The project will focus on finding ways to improve the current remote testing methods currently used out there. The end goal is to eventually create an improved research protocol for remote testing?