Like the previous chapter, this chapter focuses heavily on the user’s satisfaction with the product he/she is using. Thus, one can correctly argue that user satisfaction is the number criteria regardless of the field or product. This chapter focuses on usability which can be described as the effectiveness of a product or service to an individual and the user’s overall satisfaction after using this product.

Some individuals distinguish between the terms usability and user experience. I tend to place more emphasis on user experience than usability. Usability involves the user’s ability to use the product to successfully complete a task, not taking into account the ease or difficulty that was involved in completing this task. User experience evaluates the emotions experienced by the user when using the product or service to complete a task. It true that the task may have been completed, but is it aroused frustration in the user, then there is a high probability that he/she won’t use this product again. The book views usability as the entire user experience.

Usability crosses all aspects of our lives and can usually mean the difference between risk and safety, life and death. Today it has become of even greater importance because of our innovations in technology which means that things which were once simple has now become quite complicated. Therefore good usability is an essential aspect on any product or service that is a part human life.


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