Why Web Usability?

Nielsen started this chapter with a great point. Why should users waste their time on you website which is slow and confusing when there are millions of other websites on the internet which provide the same information or service. In the early days when there not many websites out there, users may have exhibited some patience but in today’s fast pace society, finding someone to exhibit that attitude is almost impossible. As we go through the chapter we discover that he has also placed much focus on good usability as the criteria for success. There is very strong emphasis placed on good usability methodology and less on the technologies used to achieve this as technology changes so rapidly.

I realize that one theme was mention in each on the three books used for this reading reflection and the message is to focus on satisfying the user’s goals in order to achieve success. The technologies used to achieve those goals don’t matter much due to the fact that they are so dynamic and change so rapidly.


Please drop by again for better insight in the necessities for creating a successful product.


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