An Interesting Blog I Stumbled Upon

I subscribed to a blog called “A List Apart” which I think gives invaluable advice to those of us who build website particularly for business purposes. On 6th September 2011, Kristin Smaby wrote an article called “Being Human is Good Business” in which she outlined the major errors people make when dealing with customers. Upon reading this article one may realize that the principles of good customer service fall under the category of what we’ve been discussing on this blog all along: User Centered Design. As she stated, customers are not shy to voice their feedback on your level of service, which could very well mean the success of failure of your business. She also noted that too often we focus too much on resolving the issue and end up forgetting the individual behind the issue. In many cases those people resolving the issue know nothing about the person who had this issue and deceives themselves into thinking that they have provided good customer service. It is not truly possible to satisfy the customer when he or she has been disconnected from the issue. This concept which is called Issue-Centric Customer Service focuses on how swiftly an issue can be closed instead of how best the customer can be served. I invite you to read through this article, there is so much to learn. The information provided is suitable for anyone who is involved in a line of work where they deal will other people, which include almost every one of us.

Here is a link to this blog:


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