What Is The Big Picture?

User Centered design: Let this be the objective of any individual or business that intends to create a product or service that others will utilize. As the name suggests the design should be centered on the user, to enable him/her to feel some form of accomplishment after using this product. We must also realize that User Centered design contain two main components: goal directed design and user experience. The product creator’s understanding and implementation of these two concepts might mean the difference between a successful product and one that destined for failure.

When a customer purchases a product, she has done this with the intention of using that particular product to accomplish a specific goal. She expects nothing less and if the product is not able to fulfill this objective then it has become useless to her. This means that the product makers did a terrible job and failed in their approach of user centered design. Likewise if the customer experiences negative emotions while using the product then once again the creator has failed in his implementation of user centered design.

With careful observation, you will realize that the various components of interface design all fall under the category title User Centered Design.



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