Good Design/Bad design 1

Today for good design/bad design I will take a quick look at the website I’d have to say respectfully that this website contains everything one should avoid when designing for good usability. It has to take an individual a considerable amount of effort just to navigate the website because it is so much. Evidently it seems that George Hutchins wanted to highlight his many achievements, but made the error of attempting to show them all at the same time.

Elements of bad design

  • Everything on the webpage is highlighted and all vying for the user’s attention.
  • There is no clear hierarchy and the user is unable to identify which areas are of most importance on the website.
  • The designer of the website did a terrible job with the colors by often placing contrasting colors with each other.
  • The page title is not obvious since everything else on the page is exaggerated
  • It is not obvious what is clickable on the webpage
  • Majority of the content is in all caps which make it difficult for the user to read

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