My experience: From requirements to design

I recently discovered that creating a storyboard is a lot more difficult than I originally imagined. Thinking about it is easy; we just create a sketch of each step in the process until we’ve covered the whole scene. Wish it was that easy.

The assignment was to create a story board, made of low-fidelity wireframes that plans how a pizza ordering app should work. It was the same pizza ordering app that we’ve been speaking about for the past three weeks. The design requirements were not particularly difficult, but designing for usability proved particularly complicated. I kept thinking, why are we spending so much time creating a storyboard of such a simple application?

Hey, the simple truth is that designing for usability is not easy. All steps have to be covered and users have to be able to use the app with no difficulty.

Our main objective was designing an app that would allow the user to order his pizza with the minimum work. This required knowing which steps came first, knowing how to prevent them from repeating information, allowing them to reach their goal (order their pizza) with minimum typing and clicking. I soon realized that creating such a usable app would require tremendous labor on my part as the programmer. I thought to myself, is it worth this much effort for such a simple application.

I immediately understood why the programmer or designer for a product should not do usability testing.


After one hour, here is what we had. Absolutely amazing  😦



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