(Bad Design)Whats with all the Lines

http://www.torchia.com/  A quick review

Today I am going to do a quick review of an architecture website I stumbled upon some time ago.  Although I think it’s a good website, there are some usability issues, which I believe could be fixed to make the website more user friendly.

Here is a list of the usability issues I discovered on the webpage:

  1. The website takes approximately 10 seconds to fully load. In today’s busy and fast paced society, I think the loading time of the website is too long.
  2. Based on the website requirements, users need at least a 400 MHz processor with a high speed internet connection to properly run the website on their computers. Isn’t that a little too much to ask from a user?  After all it is just a website, not a computer game.
  3. The website loads with some groovy background music which I seemed to enjoy. I haven’t seen the reason for including background music in the website since it has nothing to do with the sites content. But users are given the option to turn the music off, which I think is very important.
  4. Hovering over the links also produces certain sounds, which if coordinated properly can be used with the background music to create a good music soundtrack.
  5. The website is very interactive containing series perpendicular lines which seem to follow the mouse movements. The problem is that these intersecting lines appear not just on the home page but on every page and the user has no option to turn it off. It is not practical to have such lines distracting and frustrating users as they traverse the webpage.
  6. The website requires users to have precision if they are to click a link. Link titles are hidden inside a 1cm x 3mm vertical bar and if users are not able to click this tiny area they aren’t able to visit the links.
  7. The back button on the page takes the user to the home page and not the previously visited page. If the user inadvertently clicked on a link, he/she would be required to return to the homepage and go through the many previous steps to get back to that webpage. The loading time to too long to require users to return to the homepage after every page visitation.
Torchia Website

2 responses to “(Bad Design)Whats with all the Lines

  1. I can’t even bring myself to look at it. Sounds like a Flash overload site that should have disappeared many years ago. All the points you list are valid.

    • I love an interactive website, but I just think they went about implementing this one all wrong. If implemented correctly,I believe that animations can make using a website easier and more enjoyable. But in this case the animations has become a distraction.

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