Interesting Blog 2: Fun Can Improve Your Design

I came across a blog post written by Frank Spillers titled: “The Science of Fun: How Fun Helps Improve Your Design”. He is a professional usability consultant who has worked with a number of large firms such as: Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Four Seasons, Logitech, and Microsoft just to name a few. In this blog post he shows how fun and a pleasant user experience can be used as a great usability tool.  He outlines how you can design to the users’ emotions to make them more acceptable of your products. Why don’t you visit this blog post to see what I’m talking about?


2 responses to “Interesting Blog 2: Fun Can Improve Your Design

  1. Very nice article. I hope to read more from you soon. Very useful and informative piece of information. I hope I can have more time to read more. Anyways, this article gives me a fresh idea. Thank you so much!

  2. Oh yes, that is a famous video. Good point about fun. It is very important, and motivating.

    Grading assignments this semester has been so much easier for me because I mark them up in Good Reader (an iPad app). Back in the day, I’d buy myself a nice new pen when I had a lot of grading to do. The fun of writing with the pen (I love writing instruments) made me want to do the work.

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