Bad Design: How about Updating User Guide?

Yesterday I had the worst experience with Apple iOS Developer Program. Why are the steps for installing code on an Apple device for development and debugging so difficult, I do not know? Probably it was difficult because it was my first time going through the process. Maybe it will become a lot easier after I’ve done it a few times, but should this be the case? Should I have spent approximately two hours going through this process and yet not meet my objectives?

Then again I may be wrong. It may be that usability principles are just for end users and not for programmers or developers. As developers, probably Apple expects us to figure things out the hard way.

Although I was quite frustrated with the whole process of requesting and installing my certificates, and setting up my device id and provision profile, the most unpleasant part was installing my application to my device which was what I really wanted in the first place. After doing everything to reach this point, I was unable to proceed further because the guide provided by Apple is for earlier version of Xcode, Apple’s IDE while I have the later version. The interface of Xcode 4 is radically different from previous versions and consequently I was unable to find the menus and panes they spoke about in the guide. After wasting some more time searching for the menu I gave up out of frustration, having felt I had wasted my time.

My request to Apple, Can you please update the guide for Xcode 4?

Can a developer guide for Xcode 3 be enough to guide me through an application installation on my device in Xcode 4?


Source: Apple University Program User Guide for iOS 4

XCode 4



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