Good Design 6: YouVersion Live

The YouVersion Bible App is possible the best app I’ve ever download from the iTunes store. The 14,229 customer reviews and 22,493 five Star ratings of this app gives you an idea of how popular it is. Majority of individuals commenting on this app describes it as a perfect app. Well I don’t think it’s perfect because it contains some disappointing features, but overall I think it is an absolutely amazing app. The designers of this app have provided all the features an individual using this bible app would need at their disposal and have ensure that the app help users meet their goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the features making this app so incredible.

  1. Most importantly the YouVersion Bible App is easy to use, has a friendly interface with easy navigation,  and uses good neutral colors
  2. Contain all the major bible versions that people use regularly
  3. The most important feature of this app is the ease and speed at which it allows me to find a bible text or scripture. In some bible apps, users are forced to go back sequentially: from verse – chapter – book – contents in order to find a new text. I usually find this very time consuming and frustrating. The YouVersion Bible App allows the user to move in any order, which makes navigating the bible much quicker.
  4. The YouVersion Bible App provides the bible in both the written and spoken word, which makes it more useful. Want to read the bible while driving or jogging, then simply listen to it.
  5. Most people enjoy taking notes and bookmarking their pages while reading their bible and the designers of the YouVersion Bible App have provided them these features.
  6. There is also a search feature which allows users to find a text or scripture they desire. This comes particularly handy when I remember only part of the scripture text and need to reference it.

An app with such a user centered design approach can only be regarded as great designed.

YouVersion Bible App

P.S I have been using the spoken word provided through the YouVersion Bible App for my bible bed time stories many nights before I go to bed.


One response to “Good Design 6: YouVersion Live

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