Interesting Blog 3: Colors Colors Colors

Let’s face it; usability is indeed the most important factor when creating a user interface. After all end-users will be put off by a computer system or interface if they have difficulty using it. Therefore we take great care in creating a system that will help users easily achieve their goals. But what about design and its appeal to our low level visual system? Research has shown that aesthetics can give a perceived ease-of-use and increase acceptability. Through the correct use of colors can give our interface that look that will give users an amazing experience. In the end, we don’t just want our website to be usable but also enjoyed.

But how do we go about achieving this? Do we just choose the colors we love and hope that users will also find it appealing?  Remember a wrong color scheme or combination can send people running away from your website like a cat running from a pack of dogs. So what can you do then? I stumbled across an interesting blog with a series of articles title “Creating Consistently Colorful User Experiences”. It was written by Andrew Maier who designs interactions and user experiences for a wide variety of clients.  Why don’t you visit his blog and learn how to make colors work in your favor.

red fireorks

Source: Express Monorail


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