BreakThrough Idea 2

I came across this research paper some time ago and I think it a most wonderful idea, although improper usage can make it just as dangerous. The paper is titled “Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs” Karsch, Hedau, Forsyth, and Hoiem (2011). The research focuses on the insertion of synthetic objects into an image scene. The inserted object looks so real that it is almost impossible to tell whether the object had been added to the scene. Shadows and lighting interact with the inserted object like it was in the original scene. Projected applications of this synthetic image insertion method include the movie and gaming industry, home decoration and user content creation, among others. Karsh et al. (2011). I have provided a  reference of this paper if you would like to learn more about this amazing photo editing method. I have also provided a video showing the implementation of the method and I think that you will be very impressed.

Scene Insertion

Reference: Karsch, K., Hedau, V., Forsyth, D., & Hoiem, D. (2011) Tendering synthetic objects into legacy photographs.

Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs from Kevin Karsch on Vimeo.


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