Great Design 7: Windows 7

I may be late doing this, seeing that Windows 8 beta is already out, but I’ve got to give a review of my favorite operating system: Windows 7. I made the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7 not even looking below me to see whether I had trodden over Windows Vista in the process. I never liked Windows Vista in the first place because it was too greedy and hogged up all my systems resources.

I don’t want to be biased here, but if you searching for software with good design, please do not look for Windows 7. If you need great design, then I will recommend you to take a look and marvel at Windows 7. Everyone, well mostly everyone who uses Windows 7 will say that it well-designed software. So much that many Mac users have also jumped to the Windows 7 platform. So what qualifies the windows 7 platform as great design?

  • First and foremost is its ease-of-use. If people are going to use a product then it has to be easy to use and Windows 7 definitely fits this criteria.
  • I strongly believe in the aesthetical aspect of a product because I believe it makes users more acceptable of the system. We can all admit that Windows 7 is an absolutely gorgeous operating system. It contains a beautiful user interface with semitransparent task bar and start menu, and people usually love transparency.
  • Individuals multitask all the time and Microsoft has made this simpler for users in Windows 7 by allowing users to divide their screens easily. Gone are the days when I had to manually resize my applications in order to view two of them on the screen simultaneously. In Windows 7 users can simply drag their applications to the left or right of the screen and it would automatically resize itself to half the screen area.
  • There is also a feature which is very useful when my desktop is too cluttered with applications. I can just click on my desired application, shake it vigorously and all other applications would be automatically minimized to the task bar. Shaking the application again will bring them back to their respective positions.
  • I also love the level of personalization options that are offered to users in Windows 7. I spoke about the semitransparent taskbar and start menu in Windows 7, but if the user prefers the menus to be opaque, then the option is theirs. This is just one of the many personalization options.
  • On the technical side, the Control Panel has been redesigned to the basics features that users need to manage the operating system.
  • The system is a lot faster and does not use up as much resources as it predecessor.

Even though most people may not even notice these things anymore since they have gotten accustomed to them, I think that these things together make up for windows 7 as a well-designed operating system.


One response to “Great Design 7: Windows 7

  1. I enjoyed reading about the specific features you enjoy. Beyond the general “ease to use” and “gorgeous,” I liked seeing the specific interface aspects that you think are well designed.

    You have to show me the “shaking vigorously” action some day!

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