Bad Design 8: Internet Explorer

If there was a time Internet Explorer could have been considered a great browser, it wouldn’t be today. I have nothing against Microsoft, in fact I love most of their products especially Microsoft Office, Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Visual Studio, except Internet Explorer (IE) which I absolutely hate. I believe that everyone hates Internet Explorer, well not everyone, but just about everyone. I try to avoid using this program at all costs and have even attempted to uninstall from my system on many occasions, but Microsoft have not given us this option.

What do so many individuals by Internet Explorer? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. The loading time is too slow and today we are all concerned with speed
  2.  Just like Windows Vista, it is memory hungry and also takes too much processing power. In addition it does not perform for the amount of processing power it requires, and thus a waste of system resources in my opinion.
  3. Internet Explorer does not follow W3C standards and can be a pain for developers when coding or designing
  4. I mean most of the major are already supporting HTML5 local databases and yet still it has not been implemented in Internet Explorer. Firefox has not implemented it either, so I guess they’ve got some company in this regard.
  5. Basically it is difficult to develop web application using Internet Explorer
  6. JavaScript usually run differently across browsers, and it causes problems when trying to debug a program across those browsers, but with Internet Explorer it’s another story
  7. Internet Explorer crashes too often which can be quite frustrating. This especially happens with a new update or extension, which by the way comes through Windows Update

So here, I gave you seven reasons why most people hate Internet Explorer and why I think Microsoft need to do a better job designing this program.

Want to see how bad Internet Explorer can be? Visit this website using Internet Explorer (most versions of IE 9 and lower) and I guarantee you that IE will crash on you.

I leave you with a song written and performed by Scott Ward, a developer entitled “IE is being mean to me”.


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