Thoughts and Ideas 3: The iPhone — Why?

What makes the iPhone so popular even though it lacks so many features which other phones have? It has no RFID, no FM radio, we cannot install apps not approved by Apple unless we jailbreak it, at which point we lose any form of warranty. The Android platform has so many features and so many amazing phones and yet still people are flocking to Apple to get their iPhones. Is this due to the aesthetical feature of the Apple iPhone. But other phone are just as gorgeous, so why aren’t they so popular? Is it because there are so many apps available in the Apple app store? But why aren’t as many programmer creating app for the Android and other platforms. Has the iPhone kept its popularity because it was the first that was really smart? As the proverb goes “the first impression is a lasting impression,” can that be true of the iPhone?



One response to “Thoughts and Ideas 3: The iPhone — Why?

  1. Maybe this is where the power of the brand comes in. If you look into the concept of branding, you will see that brands are closely related to people’s identity, and hold important emotional charge. Maybe that’s what sets the iPhone apart?

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