Breakthrough Idea 3: Augmented Reality App

I want to travel the Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, and South Africa. I want to drive thorough the cities and explore the open country, but there is one problem. I cannot speak their languages and therefore it would be difficult to get around. But what if I was able to get my iPhone and use this particular app to translate the languages for me? By this I would know the directions and avoid getting lost and mugged by thieves. I am checking out Word Lens, an augmented reality iPhone app that is able to translate a number of the major languages. The user just need to direct his camera over the word or sentence and the program will translate this it using augmented reality.

Sure it is not perfect in translating the words and getting all the syntax correctly, but at least the user can have an idea of their environment. There still lots of work to be done, but this app shows  just one of the many applications of augmented reality in our daily lives.


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