Good Design 9: Ubuntu


I am PC user and love Windows 7, but from time to time I’ll try out other operating systems. One of these occasionally used operating systems is Linux Ubuntu.  It is just surprising that more people including myself are not using Ubuntu when it is such a good operating system. Is it because it’s free? Do we like knowing that the operating system running on our computers cost us something?

Despite its lack of popularity when compared to Windows and Mac, Ubuntu has some great design aspects which I believe classes it together with these giants.

  1. It is open source and is therefore free to everyone
  2. Ubuntu has a beautiful user interface and aesthetics does make an object more acceptable to users
  3. I can decide to install Ubuntu to my computer or just boot and run it from my thumb drive. Windows can be installed from a thumb drive, but I don’t think we can run Windows from a thumb drive. It is another story with Mac.
  4. Having the ability to boot Ubuntu from your thumb drive and run it from any machine makes it truly portable. This allows individuals to carry their favorite programs with them anywhere they go
  5. Ubuntu comes with lots of useful prebuilt programs and tools, thus making using the operating system a lot easier
  6. The programs and tools provided for Ubuntu are also free, therefore this gives everyone the opportunity to use the best technologies
  7. Ubuntu has  a great community who is always there to help with technical problems
  8. Ubuntu is not intensive on system resources such as memory and hard drive space. In fact Ubuntu can be installed and run from a 1GB thumb drive
  9. The system responds very quickly
  10. Ubuntu does not throw error dialogs at users as we have in windows, well the older versions


Overall, I believe that Ubuntu is a great operating system, with design features to give users a pleasant experience when using the system.



One response to “Good Design 9: Ubuntu

  1. I like your analysis of why Ubuntu, and possibly other free operating systems, are so popular. I have often wondered why I prefer Ubuntu over Windows 7 and OS X when they both capable operating systems.

    After further contemplation I think its because (for me) discovering Ubuntu is like discovering an alternate path to a common destination, made by people with common ideals. The alternate path is not regulated by anyone, its only supported by the people with common ideas.

    So I think my point is, agreeing with your point 7, its also about being part of something and helping to make that thing better, even if only by using it.

    Great post!

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