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  1. I love this article and I so agree with you. My problem with Twitter is that there are way too many bot accounts spamming you with all sorts of links and nothing else. I can see why advertisers may be reluctant to advertise on Twitter, knowing that their money will just be waited on these bot accounts. This reminds me of MySpace in their dying days when they claimed to have millions of registered accounts, only a few of which was active. Is Twitter can find a way to dispose of the useless accounts, things may get a lot better for them.



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  1. Dear Mr. Frederick,

    How are you? My name is Anne Verhaagen and I’m in my final year of my Communication Marketing study. Currently I’m writing my thesis on Parallax scrolling websites. I want to know if a parallax website has a positive or negative effect on the user experience. I have read your research rapport and it’s similar too what I want to research.

    I was wondering if you can help me with my research.

    I understand that you made two websites for the same company, one was a ‘normal’ website and the other one was a parallax design website. Are they still online? If so, can I use them for my research? Or do you know two similar website of different companies?

    Do you have any tips on where I need to look for information or articles I can read? Did you have any problems during your research?

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Anne Verhaagen

    • Hi Anne,

      Sorry, but I’ve taken the websites down since they were only temporary. There are many websites using the parallax, but they do not have the option to turn it off. Can you get someone to build you two simple websites?

      Based on my study (Thesis), the effect that parallax scrolling has on the user depends on the context of use. My research results showed that the effects of parallax scrolling on UX were greatest and significant in a fun hedonic context. So maybe this could guide your study.

      As for literature on the topic, you won’t find any out there. I searched and was not able to find any. But you can use articles on UX since this is what you are trying to find out (parallax scrolling on UX). The only one out there I know of is my thesis, which you are free to reference and use. I am creating an article from it, but it not published yet.

      Problems: One aspect of my study I think about I is that both of my website looked very aesthetically pleasing and I think this may have had an effect on the results. Try to create two general websites, not ugly, but not too visually appealing. This way it allows the parallax scrolling effect to be more pronounced. I think if my websites were a little plainer, the effects of parallax scrolling may have been different.

      Best regards on your thesis.

      Dede Frederick

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