Trial of SocialOomph

I decided to use SocialOomph in an attempt to tweet my website links to Twitter. This was in an attempt to create social backlinks to my website learning that they could help my website rank higher in Google. Like tweet adder it can be used for managing and scheduling tweets. I tried the free version because it contained the basic functionality that I wanted. These included unlimited accounts and easy schedule of tweets, though not limited only to these two features.

What I liked about SocialOomph compared to TweetAdder is the ability to create different categories of tweets that can all be drip fed automatically. It also has the option of adding multiple accounts and tweeting to each account from the various categories. I think this is cool, well when compared to TweetAdder.

On a down side however, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing tool that I’ve used, but hey, I was able to schedule and automate my tweets for free.

What is the position of this website in Google right now? Well, that’s for another story or should I say, another post.


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